Why EZ Ride?

Leaving the Past

Old habits die hard. EZ Ride offers the easiest transition for drivers and dispatchers used to 2-way radio, pen & paper, and/or stand-alone PC programs.

Equipping for the Present

With Uber and the hailing apps competing, there is no longer room for error. EZ Ride's arsenal of tools gives you a customer experience that has the professionalism and simplicity of hailing apps, but accommodates a telephone-based business.

Preparing for the Future

The taxi industry has changed. EZ Ride is ahead of the curve and equips you with the tools to scale your supply and easily find more demand.

Main Features

  • 2-Way Radio
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Billing and Payroll
  • TLC Formatted Trip Data
  • Driver Management
  • Driver Navigation
  • Passenger Hailing Apps
  • Account Management
  • In-Vechile Credit Card Processing
  • Cutting Edge Dispatching Program
  • Customized networking across transportation companies
  • Import Trips

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